“Life without love is like a tree without flowers.”

Vita Etica ensures authenticity and genuineness in our diverse products ranging from healthy food items to natural and organic beauty products.

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Vita Etica is an exclusive brand offering products created with the utmost care for nature as well as our patronage, while also ensuring exquisite taste and  guaranteeing the best quality.

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Our Aim:

They say, ‘If you cannot live longer, then live deeper’. Our lives on this extraordinary planet are constantly evolving, leaving human beings to grasp the knowledge of this advanced world while incorporating the new values with it. The passion that flows through our veins is often hosed down by the quickness of time, making us the victims of a monotonous life.

Our aim, at Vita Etica, is about new beginnings and slower living. Coming from Latin origins, Vita signifies ‘life’ while Etica signifies ‘ethics’. Vita Etica is about reforming the ethics of life, while creating every day’s experience like a barefoot walk in the grasslands with sunshine tingling in your toes. Our aim is to restore and revive the three L’s of life – Live, Love, and Laugh.

Slow living – a curious new concept

Slow living began years before our venture – Vita Etica. Slow food was introduced in the 1980’s against the rising uncertain and precarious culture of fast foods. Along with us, the concept has now evolved into slow living which urges people to deliberately and consciously put their body’s and the earth’s requirements as their priority, while simultaneously living a more balanced, affirmative and healthy lifestyle.


Our Way of Life

We, at Vita Etica carefully analyse the environment friendly packaging only to bring to you a blend of perfection and minimalism which encourages reusability as well as recyclability and surrenders the contemporary tradition of using plastic. From the roots of the nature we surround ourselves with, we, at Vita Etica have taken the best in order to provide our patronages with the utmost quality of products

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